Did you know that 60% of waste going to landfills is organic? Organic waste can be composted and made into life-sustaining soil.

Organic waste can be diverted away from your landfill

It can be processed by Cleanit Greenit and transformed into the nutrients and organic matter needed in our soil to grow plants that sustain life. At Cleanit Greenit, we divert organic waste to reduce the greenhouse gases that are harmful to the environment. This creates a carbon offset that helps balance the impact of emissions being generated elsewhere.


Harnessing the full value in organic waste

Over 15 years ago, through our sister company, Advanced Enviro Engineering Ltd., we recognized a significant problem with the amount of organic waste going to landfills. We wanted to do our part to protect the environment and use our experience to help businesses with waste management, and so, Cleanit Greenit Composting Systems was born.


Our Local, Convenient and Friendly Facility

We first built a composting facility in West Edmonton, and then focused on building a team dedicated to the highest level of service. We have a specialized process to help businesses manage organic waste, and at our convenient site, your waste is treated and transformed into a line of organic products.


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Organic Compost




Every year I add Cleanit Greenit's compost to my backyard vegetable beds to add some extra nutrients for my vegetables. The compost is very rich and really helps to produce a lush vegetable garden. Not only does the compost help my garden grow and provide valuable nutrients but it also supports a composting system that diverts waste from landfills. My garden wouldn't be the same without Cleanit Greenit!



We're so happy that the compostable containers, cutlery and cups used across our site are turned into amazing organic soil!



I’ve phoned all over and there is nowhere else like Cleanit-Greenit. They’re nice and close which saves us time and money.  


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