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Hi Friends of Cleanit Greenit, 

I am happy to be introducing an “Updates” page to our website with a message from me as CEO of Cleanit Greenit, to you as friends and supporters of composting!  There’s been lots happening over the past months despite the impacts of COVID and I wanted to give you all an update on what my Team and I have been working on!

Air Monitoring


Cleanit Greenit has partnered with an Edmonton-based air monitoring company, Airdar, to monitor levels of H2S at our facility and to contain any possible odour that may arise. Currently, particulate matter is used to assess odour. The literature overwhelmingly shows that while there are many elements released in odour, H2S is the best representative indicator of odour at compost sites and therefore important to monitor. 


What’s more, the current air monitoring practice requires us to provide air quality monitoring within a 5 km radius of our site. The net result of this requirement sees us picking up odours from many sources including those smells emanating from different sites and different causes. Cleanit Greenit is proposing a different approach. In addition to capturing H2S emission levels, the  Airdar monitoring system places tracking devices on the fence-line of our property boundary which will capture only those odours that emanate from our site.  Because sensing devices are placed on our property line — and NOT within a 5 mile radius of our site— only odors emanating from our property are captured.  When using our property line as a guide, our preliminary results show an 80 per cent reduction in H2S emission levels.  We have continually said that not all odours attributed to Cleanit Greenit are actually caused by our composting site and this technology would confirm that.  We are hopeful that AEP will approve this technology as we believe that it reflects a true and accurate reality of air quality in our community.

Why Would We Close a Composting Site?


I often wonder whether now is the time to close another compost site in Alberta –we would be the 4th composting provider in Alberta to be forcibly shut down. With a critical shortage of compost infrastructure in Alberta and more and more municipal organic diversion programs being developed, now more than ever,  we need to work together to keep projects going that have invested in composting especially if governments want to reduce the amount of waste going to landfills and reduce carbon emissions to our environment. This is common sense.  


Our dedicated scientific team spends everyday just trying to figure out how to make this happen for everyone’s interests.  We are only here to CLEANIT and GREENIT.  We do it clean, green, and legally.  Maybe the bigger issue is with the rules which govern the composting industry?  We want to do it right. I hope we can work with AEP and make things right as a team. 


Support for Cleanit Greenit Grows with our Recent Petition


What has made me thinking more than ever about the benefits of composting is our petition to keep Cleanit Greenit open. We have over 2,300 signatures from people who want to keep our Edmonton site open!  Great work all! We received overwhelming response that you want Cleanit Greenit open, that you want your organics at a compost site and not in a landfill, and that you want to fix climate change.  Cleanit Greenit remains committed to delivering those promises.  


We do this work as a private company at no cost to the tax payers!  To me that is a big bonus win for Albertans. 


Our Thanks to You!


Thank you all, we will continue to have your household organics and other organics contribute to a better Alberta future and make sure that you’re doing your part to keep our earth green! Our scientific team will continue to work hard, push forward, and work positively with AEP as we have done in the past.  We appreciate your contributions and support, and together we can make this planet a greener place to live! Please contact me with any ideas!!


Until next time, 


Kirstin, CEO