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Hello Friends!


It is a special time of year.

For many, the Christmas season provides an opportunity for gathering with family and friends, to recharge our batteries and to spend quiet, reflective time thinking about the year gone by. 


This has no doubt been an exceptional year for all of us. Covid-19 has greatly altered our world and how we all interface with each other. Despite everything, I continue to marvel at the generous spirit of people at this time of year. Reinvesting in communities has always been a priority for the Cleanit Greenit’s team. 


This year, we were excited to be able to donate 2300 lbs of compost to the Edmonton Mennonite Centre’s Community “Global” Garden.  Each year, this large garden feeds hundreds of people who are new to Canada.  It serves as a great gathering spot for people and helps them to practice their language skills.  More than anything, it helps to build a community. 


Every pound of compost we provided to the Mennonite Centre garden, represents one petition signature of the 2,300 signatures that we received to keep Cleanit Greenit open providing a valuable service to our community. We were happy to be part of the Mennonite Centre’s community garden and excited about how our compost will help to reap bountiful crops next year.  More importantly, we are excited about how we have played a role in helping immigrant and refugee communities come together in a happy way—just like we all do at Christmas. 


No matter what your denomination or faith or belief, we wish you all a wonderful season and a healthy and happy 2022!



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