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We are following AEP closure requirements
No feedstock is being accepted.

Hello Friends!

It is with regret that I inform you that the Cleanit Greenit site has been closed for the acceptance of feedstock by Alberta Environment and Parks (AEP). We had hoped to talk with AEP about reduced tonnages coupled with the Airdar technology which reduced odour by 99% for continued operation. However we were not able to achieve this.

Going forward we hope for improved communication with AEP so we can do everything required to complete the closure of the composting portion of the CG site to AEP requirements.

We will continue to sell finished compost, and soil blends, through our landscape yard at the CG Site.

We thank all our customers since 1998 for their wonderful work with us. In diverting organics from landfill,  by reducing greenhouse gases, and of course the wonderful benefits of using the finished compost in our gardens and landscapes. This work is key to building a strong healthy environment. We wish you all the best and hope to work with you again soon.

Thank you, fundraiser groups, for all your efforts. We look forward to next year.

We had a tremendous harvest at the CG site this year, as well as at all the community gardens, and in our own staff gardens. Thank you to all the customers who sent in pictures. Great work all!

Let us take all our learning and experiences from the CG project to our next projects to work positively to help protect our environment in a critical time of our human evolution. CG wishes you all the best


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