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Compost Fundraisers
Compost Fundrisers
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Saturday May13, 2023


Ottwell Scouts : Safeway Capilano Mall, 5821 Terrace Rd NW, Edmonton

Louis St. Laurent School : 11230 – 43 Avenue NW, Edmonton

Belgravia : House at 7222 – 119 Street NW, Edmonton

Morinville Centennial Community Garden : 9820 – 104 Street, Morinville

Zoe’s Animal Rescue Society : North Glenora Community League 13535 – 109A Avenue NW

169 Glen Allan Scouts : Canadian Tire 169 Ordze Avenue, Sherwood Park

169 Glen Allan Scouts : Canadian Tire 3000 Emerald Drive #200, Sherwood Park

Edmonton Fundraising Opportunities for Schools & Organizations

Make an Environmentally Responsible Decision

Did you know that by composting, we are able to reduce the amount of waste going to landfills and reduce greenhouse gas emissions? The composting process turns organic materials into a valuable resource, which is excellent for your lawns and gardens.


Raise Money with a Compost Fundraiser Sale

Host a compost sale and raise money for your organization! Have it at your school or community league or suggest a great location to us. Some of our most successful locations are grocery store parking lots. We have a list of established, successful, locations that could host your group’s next project.


Promote your Fundraiser

Your group can help promote your sale by pre-selling to friends, family, co-workers, and neighbours.  Post on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram, and other social media platforms. Cleanit Greenit will advertise the sales and make sandwich board signs for each sale location.  But the more you advertise – the more you sell! So print out the sample flyers we provide and put them up around your sale location. You can also email them out to all your contacts!

Volunteers Needed to Make Your Event a Success

Our Organic Soil™ NatureMade™ Compost will be delivered in bulk to your sales location for bagging. A minimum of 10-15 volunteers are needed on the day of the sale to help with shoveling and bagging. Volunteers are required to pick up and put out sandwich board signs on major roads and intersections 4 days before the sale. After the sale, they need to pick up the signs. A contact person from the group should be responsible for submitting school and community newsletters, collecting and totaling presales and gathering volunteers.


Profit will be Returned to Your Group

This is a break-even initiative for Cleanit Greenit, with funds being donated to the groups on many occasions by Cleanit Greenit. The profit made from the Fundraiser sales will be returned to the group. There is an expense amount of approx. $1,700 to $2,100 paid in advance by CG. For example, if your group raises $3,000 in revenue; $1,700 to $2,100 would be deducted and you would receive the remaining profit. The estimated funds that can be raised by your group are $1,000 to $6,000, depending on the yards/number of bags you sell. Cheques are sent out at the end of June or beginning of July.

Cleanit Greenit Donates 2,300 lbs. of Compost!

On October 30, 2021, Cleanit Greenit (CG) donated approximately 2,300 pounds of compost to the Edmonton Mennonite Center for Newcomers for their community garden, the Northlands Urban Farm. This ‘Global Garden’ is a space where immigrant and refugee communities can come together and grow crops while growing their sense of community and belonging.


“It’s a unique program that fills many needs including language attainment, friendship building, and food output," says Steffanie Beekman from the Edmonton Mennonite Centre.

Since 2001, Cleanit Greenit Composting System Inc. has helped local schools and non-profit organizations in Edmonton and surrounding areas raise over $694,000 through our Compost Fundraising Program.

The more we can divert waste from going to landfills, the higher impact we have on getting organic matter and nutrients back into plant growth and reducing greenhouse gases.


We are able to produce 1 cubic yard of organic soil for every tonne of organic waste we collect at our compost site, which is put back onto local farms and donated to community gardeners to help make their plants grow. 

Community Gardens

We offer a special NatureMade™ Compost gift certificate for silent auctions and other fundraisers. NatureMade™ Compost is sold under Cleanit Greenit’s Organic Soil™ line of products. This is a high quality product used in many of Edmonton’s most famous gardens, including the Legislature Grounds and the Muttart Conservatory. By using NatureMade™ Compost, silent auction winners not only aid the environment, they too can have the foundation of an award-winning garden.


Call 780-488-7926 for more information.

Cleanit Greenit Composting System Inc. offers NatureMade™ Compost to any community garden or similar project that requests it as part of our vision to keep things growing.


This is grade A compost used in many of Edmonton’s most famous gardens, including gardens at the Legislature Grounds, the Muttart Conservatory and St. Albert Botanical Gardens.


Cleanit Greenit can provide trucking in Edmonton; cost varies.


Pretty Garden
Renacimiento Verde


The Renacimiento Verde program aims to foster and support sustainable environmental initiatives in schools and communities located in Mexico by granting funds to projects satisfying the program’s requirements.


By allocating funds to communities in developing countries for environmentally responsible programs and infrastructure, this program will promote environmental consciousness where it may otherwise have received a lower priority.


The objective of supporting school and group-based projects as opposed to individual grants is to encourage environmental mindsets within communities by engaging students, their parents and teachers.


Projects eligible for funding must present a detailed plan of action and definitive goals to be achieved. Grant recipients are required to submit a project completion review to ensure that funds were used appropriately and that goals were met.

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