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We are listening to the community


We are listening to the community and have built this site to share the latest information about neighbourhood smells. We are doing everything we can to prevent and reduce smells from our Composting Site, located in the Winterburn Industrial Area.

Smell something?

If you smell something in your neighbourhood, call our complaint line at 780-818-3128

When you report, please describe and rank the event as objectively as possible. Good information helps us to improve.

Keep in mind the other sources of odour in your neighbourhood can produce a layering effect, with multiples sources combining to produce smells. Other sources we have found are sewer, sour wells, asphalt in road construction, pet food manufacturing, dry landfills, the Big Lake sewage lift station and Big Lake itself.

We respond quickly to smell complaints

We regularly patrol neighbouring communities and respond rapidly to any reports of smells from our Composting Site. Our patrollers are specially trained to monitor, investigate and report on odour events.

We can respond quickly to odour reports. During business hours, we can significantly reduce smells within a few hours of a report 95 per cent of the time.

What are we doing to reduce smells?

We are improving our ability to prevent and reduce smells. Over the past few years as more neighbours have moved into our community, we have ramped up our investments in smell reduction.

Here is what we have done and continue to enhance:

  • We have doubled the number of aeration pipes, as recommended by experts.

  • Over the past year, we have reduced the total tonnage of compostable material accepted and stopped accepting several types of potentially smelly material, such as grass and very wet material.

  • In February 2020, we brought in a specialist to review our procedures and provide further training in best practices for our industry.

  • We have increased the use of biofiltration. Biofiltration uses moist organic materials to adsorb and then biologically degrade odorous compounds.

  • We have hired more patrollers over the past year to increase coverage and response time.

  • From January through October 2019, Cleanit Greenit (CG) conducted 266 voluntary pro-active patrols to monitor for odour. Patrollers noted odour from the CG composting site at more than 500 metres away from the site 13 times.


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