Renacimiento Verde "Green Rebirth"- Environmental Initiative Grant Program

The Renacimiento Verde program aims to foster and support sustainable environmental initiatives in schools and communities located in Mexico by granting funds to projects satisfying the program’s requirements.


By allocating funds to communities in developing countries for environmentally responsible programs and infrastructure, this program will promote environmental consciousness where it may otherwise have recieved a lower priority.


The objective of supporting school and group-based projects as opposed to individual grants is to encourage environmental mindsets within communities by engaging students, their parents and teachers.


Projects eligible for funding must present a detailed plan of action and definitive goals to be achieved. Grant recipients are required to submit a project completion review to ensure that funds were used appropriately and that goals were met.

Projects eligible for funding might deal with but are not limited to:

  • Ecological Conservation

  • Green Energy Source Establishment

  • Waste Reduction

  • Raising Environmental Awareness

  • Green Space Creation

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