Encourage Bee foraging, critical to a healthy environment.


Located out of Parkland County right outside Edmonton, Naked Canuck Honey is made with "Pure ingredients. Nothing to hide"


Vanilla Raw Honey (180 g) is infused with real Madagascar Bourbon vanilla beans and has a rich, creamy flavour. Perfect in a cup of coffee or as a treat on toast or ice cream.

Cinnamon Creamed Honey (180 g) is mixed with Vietnamese Saigon Cinnamon, adding a wonderful true Cinnamon flavour. Delicious on toast, in your baking or makes a nice cup of tea.

Lemon Raw Honey (180 g) is infused with lemon zest. Comforting in tea, spice up a stir fry, or try it on pancakes.

Naked Canuck Honey 3-pack