What We Accept

Cleanit Greenit Recycles a Wide Range of Organic Waste

Cleanit Greenit recycles organic wastes for use in our soil-enriching facility located in West Edmonton. Organic waste is defined as waste containing carbon compounds, derived from animal and plant materials which may be broken down by other living organisms.


Materials Accepted

Food Feed Stocks
  • Vegetables and fruit waste

  • Dairy or egg waste

  • Soup stocks

  • Grains, nuts, flour etc.

  • Used activated carbon

Solid Organics  
  • Food

  • Manure

  • Label pulp

  • Fertilizer

Yard Waste
  • Leaves

  • Garden vegetables

  • Plants 

No branches, trees, dirt, clay, rock, gravel, plastic, or metal.  Contaminant surcharge may apply.

Branches & Trees  
  • Maximum 10 cm diameter, 2 m length

Construction and Demolition Waste      
  • Wood - Dimensional lumber. Maximum 10 cm diameter; provide MSDS for plywood.

  • Dry wall - Treated drywall, Material Safety Data Sheet must be provided

No nails, plastic, metal, painted or pressure treated wood. Contaminant surcharge may apply

Landscape Waste  
  • Clean Sod

  • Mixture of sod, dirt, branches and leaves

No clay, rocks, hydrocarbons, roots, or cement.

Clean Clay or Clean Black Dirt    

Cannot be mixed

Wood Chips, Sawdust and Chipped Branches    

No charge up to 50 tonne per year per client.

Sand and Peat

Restrictions apply please call before hauling.

Carbon and Nitrogen Sources From
Businesses and Water Treatment

Restrictions apply please call before hauling.

Payment Options:

(Less than $50 – CASH ONLY)

Call 780-488-7926 to inquire about alternative payment options (Invoices)

Complex feedstock Samples Must be Tested at a Certified Laboratory

Prior to acceptance at the Cleanit Greenit Compost Facility, feedstock samples must be tested at a certified laboratory. Liquid samples should be tested for metals, pH, electrical conductivity and BTEX (benzene, toluene, ethylene-benzene, xylene). In some cases, analysis for PAH (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons) is also required. Solid and sludge samples should be tested for Alberta Tier 1 metals, pH and electrical conductivity. For wash bay sumps, a copy of the MSDS for any soaps, waxes and other cleaning agents is required.

Contaminants include rock/gravel, metal and plastic. Some feedstock samples do not require all tests. Cleanit Greenit personnel also conduct random sampling for approved feedstock clients.

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