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The Cleanit Greenit facility produces 3 main product lines all marketed under the trademarked Organic Soil™ name brand. Bring that warm green glow back into their petals with replenishing, energizing and invigorating Organic Soil.

Our team uses a unique process to create an environmentally responsible line of products infused with the rich, rejuvenating nutrition your plants crave and desire. Only materials selected by our engineers are used in our process so that we can guarantee a quality product.

Local Edmonton Compost Ideal for Landscaping, Gardens & Lawns

Organic Soil™ products are ideal for landscaping, planting beds, flower gardens, vegetable gardens, lawns and container gardening. Our environmentally safe products are tested by independent laboratories. Our NatureMade Compost™ is Category A. It follows the Canadian Council of Minsters of the Environment (CCME) Guidelines for Compost Quality. NatureMade can be used in the full range of compost applications and has no restrictions for use.

What We Produce
NatureMade Compost™

Designed to provide essential nutrients, organic matter and increased workability of existing soil.


Use: Apply ½” (1.25 cm) layer to top dress lawn. For planting, add 2 to 4 inches (5-10 cm) to existing soil and work in where possible.

RootZone™ Landscape Blend

(out of stock until further notice)

A plant-ready soil specially formulated with compost and fine wood mulch to produce an exceptional planting mix.


Use: Designed for flower beds, vegetable beds, pots or soil base for sod.


(out of stock until further notice)

A custom blend of NatureMade Compost™ and sphagnum peat moss to promote vigorous water retention and increase aeration.


Use: Soil amendment.


Enhance the health and happiness of your plants and lawn.

Read more about the study done by the International Solid Waste Association on the benefit of applying compost to soil.

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"Your new process to create the premium compost was a hit on behalf of the ACT group, their Compost Fundraiser sale was outstanding this year, good job to you and your staff."

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