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Request a Compost Gift Certificate For Your Silent Auction or Other Fundraiser

Cleanit Greenit Composting System Inc. offers your organization a special NatureMade™ Compost gift certificate for use in silent auctions or other fundraising events to help you raise money. NatureMade™ Compost is sold under Cleanit Greenit’s Organic Soil™ line of products. This is a high quality product used in many of Edmonton’s most famous gardens, including gardens at the Legislature Grounds and the Muttart Conservatory. By using NatureMade™ Compost certificate winners not only aid the environment, they too can have the foundation of an award-winning garden.

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Helping Edmonton Understand the Benefits of Compost

Cleanit Greenit is offering this special project to help people understand the benefits of compost for their soil. This program can help your organization raise some money for a great cause and help us educate Edmonton about the benefits of compost.


Auction Winner will Receive Up to 10 Cubic Yards of Compost

Cleanit Greenit will provide the successful bidder up to 10 cubic yards (one dump truck) of NatureMade™ Compost at no charge (retail value of $150). The compost must be picked up at the Cleanit Greenit site at 20450-113 Avenue. If the winner is unable to arrange a truck, we can provide trucking in Edmonton for $90/hour.


Perfect for Your Edmonton Lawn & Garden

Cleanit Greenit recommends mixing 1/3 compost into 2/3 soil or spreading on top of soil to a 2” thickness. NatureMade™ Compost will work its way into the soil naturally. Organic matter in soil is essential for soil structure, water holding properties, microbial activity and soil health. Compost adds organic matter to soils and can increase the production of soils by providing the following benefits:

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